What we do

Imagine if you could avoid investing your valuable time in travelling all the way to S.P Road and then numerous stores to shop for your electronic and electrical component requirements. What if there's way to save you a lot of time and energy? Well, turning this imagination to reality was the seed that germinated into our venture called Komponente (German word for components) and was launched on 24th July 2013. 

Komponente now has three sectors- Retail, Product Development & Outreach. 

Under Retail, we manage the sales of electronic and electrical components used for all projects. We are expanding to institutes all over Bengaluru and our inventory is massive. The order is delivered to customers via courier service.

Under Product Development, we develop cost effective products to improve the quality of life. We have developed a Colour Detector to help the visually impaired. We’re also working on electronic modules and development boards. 

Conducting technical workshops is part of our Outreach programme. We believe in having more hands-on sessions so that students have a better learning experience and by initiating this in schools and colleges, we take a step forward to achieve our goal of encouraging an inquisitive nature among students. Reaching out to various institutions at different levels is essential for the learning and sharing to be a continuous process.